Russian GP results

Complete race breakdown coming shortly.

Pos Driver Car Gap
1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1h32m41.997s
2 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 25.022s
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 31.998s
4 Valtteri Bottas Williams/Mercedes 50.217s
5 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m14.427s
6 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 1 Lap
7 Kevin Magnussen Renault 1 Lap
8 Romain Grosjean Haas/Ferrari 1 Lap
9 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 1 Lap
10 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 1 Lap

Engines and Head protection

The engine rules that have been agreed for 2017 have a proviso in them that allows the FIA to force the engine manufacturer that is supplying the least number of teams to supply a team that does not have an engine supply. This would have meant that this year Red Bull would have got Renault engines, via the FIA forcing them to supply the team. New manufacturers into the sport get let off for their first year in, so Honda would have not been forced into the supply.

Pre-Race Russia

Pre-Race news from Russia has Mercedes deciding to swap the engine in the back of the 44 car for Lewis.

SNE28471.2.0[1]They have switched over to the engine the one that was used in the first 2 races. They have also switched over the MGUH, Turbo, Energy Store, Control Electronics, and have flown out on a private jet the parts that made the upgraded fuel system they introduced this weekend. The fuel system has been changed outside of Parc Ferme as the parts are not inside the FIA control parts.

Russian Qualifying

Nico Rosberg had an easy time in Qualifying at Russia earlier with his only real challenge of Lewis Hamilton out of Q3 due to an MGUH failure in Q2 causing him not being able to take part in the final round of Qualifying.

It seems that the Mercedes team have still got a massive pace advantage over the rest of the field, with Nico even when not under pressure being able to take pole by over 0.7 seconds to the second place qualifier, Sebastian Vettel (who will obviously start from 7th due to gearbox replacement)

RussianGP pre Qualifying news

A lot of the news from the practice sessions at the Russian GP is the test that Red Bull did of the Aero Screen.

As an aesthetic thing, it’s a far better solution than that of the ‘Flip-Flop’ one that Ferrari tested earlier in the year.

7037fd99d5a629f08eaf79040dc647d7[1]There are some problems with it, like how difficult it is to buckle the driver into the car initially as the engineer doing the strapping in has to have very long arms, and that’s not to mention the problems that the system may introduce when in a race due to dirt/dust/oil/track rubbish that may get stuck to it, even with the best hydrophobic coating.

Malaysia Qualifying

A topsy-turvy qualifying session has left to the first race not to be a Mercedes lock out for a good while. Instead of the two silver arrows, we have Vettel in the Ferrari joining Lewis on the front row.

On the second row we have Robert and Ricciardo in a Red Bull with a Renault engine running the engine map that Renault wanted them to run all along.

A rain soaked Q2 and Q3 session has led to some people out of place.  Both Williams cars showed poor pace in the rain, and Kimi got caught out on the only dry lap of Q2,and starts 11th because of it.

Malaysian Friday Roundup

hi-res-91b1f48918283af39ea125fbc433fed6_crop_north[1]Headlines from Friday, Hamilton sits out a lot of both Friday sessions due to  inlet issues, the team put it right part way through FP2, and Hamilton went out and set a scruffy fastest lap of the day, more impressively was Ferrari, showing good pace, and in the hands of Kimi one of the best to manage his tyre degradation, showing he could be there or thereabouts on Race Day if the track temperature (60c today) is similar.

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