Engines upto 5 again

In the last few hours the F1 teams have gotten together and agreed in principle to up the engine numbers from 4 to the same as 2014 and all drivers get 5.

This is not really down to reliability issues, but rather that the engine manufacturers will find it easier to bring changes, improvements and fixes to the engines.

It needs to be approved by the FIA, but as all teams have agreed to it unanimously it’s just a matter of course, or is it? the FIA brought the 4 engine rules in for cost saving, so they may not want to be seen to allow the sport to get more expensive.

Pirelli bought by China

It seems that Italian Tyre company, and the official supplier of the F1 grid is to be purchased by China National Tire & Rubber (China National Chemical), a state owned company for €7.1bn (£5.1bn).

Tronchetti Provera (Chief Executive) will keep his job, and report to Zhang Yi who sits on the central committee of the communist party.

What this means to F1 is probably nothing, and I assume the branding will remain ‘Italian’, but it’s worth noting.

IndyCar want’s to move into F1’s territory

Mark Miles (IndyCar CEO) has said that he is going to try use the current state of high sanctioning fees in F1 to bring the IndyCar grid to more countries.

635597887467652861-AP-IndyCar-Media-Day-Auto-Racing[1]“We don’t have to charge the kind of sanctioning fees that race promoters in countries, and sovereign funds are paying for Formula 1.

But I think we can offer a product that is seen as uniquely American, but is extraordinarily exciting racing. So I think there is a big opportunity for us.”

Fuel Flow Rumblings

Rumblings have been making there way around the paddock since before the first GP that the FIA are bringing in more policing of the 100kg/h fuel flow limits.

Up until now the FIA measures the fuel flow using a standard fuel flow meter that is sat next to the fuel pump of the cars.

The FIA have issues a directive to be enforced from the Chinese Grand Prix onwards, that would make the teams measure the fuel flow rate at various points in the system, and allow the FIA to police technical regulation 5.10.5 more aggressively.

2015 Rule Changes

Some rule changes have been green lighted by the WMSC.

Here’s a quick run down of them

Engines/Power Units
4 per season, unless there are 20 races on the calendar. With a penalty of starting from the back of the grid if use one over that.

Wind tunnel hours reduced from 80 to 65 hours per week, but are allowed two sessions a day. Also only 1 tunnel allowed to be nominated for the entire season.

CFD down from 30 teraflops to 25.

Lewis back to McLaren?

It sounds a bit mad, but Lewis must still have a home there, after all he grew up inside of McLaren’s camp, and now that Ron is back at the head of the F1 project, it may seem a sensible idea.

Sky F1 are reporting that there are murmurings from the management both sides of the deal.

Would be interesting, and possibly a good move with Honda coming back to Turbo Powered F1 racing with McLaren, which was such a strong pairing last time out, and he could even emulate the great Ayrton Senna in that regards.

Michael Schumacher’s medical notes Stolen

It seems Michael Schumacher’s medical notes have been stolen, and have apparently been put up for sale online.

This just days after the great news that Michael was let out of hospital, and has moved to start his (probably) lengthy recovery in Switzerland.

A statement from Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm read: “For several days stolen documents and data are being offered for sale. The offeror claims them to be the medical file of Michael Schumacher.

Stefano to leave? – Confirmed

Italian press are today saying that Ferrari F1 boss Stefano Domenicali is about to step down from the job.

The Ferrari team have struggled for the last few seasons with aerodynamic performance problems that were attributed to their wind tunnel.

This year however, the F14 T is not only struggling aero wise, but the Ferrari Power Unit is no match for the Mercedes unit, and even though the Red Bull team are struggling for pace due to an arguably even worse Renault power unit, their dominance in aero has still shown the Ferrari to be slow.