Performance and V8’s

dfvclos2.jpgThe new V8 engine rules where designed to bring the speed's in F1 down. However this has been shown on many occasions this year to be a little bit of a mis-truth. Michael Schumacher has proved it again setting the fastest time at Barcelona last week.

Michael set a time of 1:13.471 at the track during testing, this betters Jenson Button's 1:13.552 set at the beginning of last year.

Monaco again proved that the pace of the V8's is not as slow as people would think it should be, with the fastest lap within a second of the year before; Even tracks with long straights have proved to be only marginally slower than the year before.

This gap will only decrease over the rest of the year as new parts, and better understanding of the engines comes to the teams.

I would speculate that the performance of the cars as a whole will be on a par with last years cars by season end, some of that will be from the improving engine performance, but mostly the fact that the V8's are smaller and allow for a better aero package.

I'm all for keeping the sport safe, but teams should not be 'handcuffed' by the FIA as much as they are, simple things that we take for granted in day to day driving like ABS, intelligent suspension and the various anti skid technologies would increase safety as well as increasing speed's. 

The drivers are mumbling that the cars are getting too easy to drive, lets make it more difficult, and the only way to do that is give the cars more mechanical grip and more speed, making the teams less reliant on the aero packages of the car. 

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