Race Engine Technology

054A great look at the engine technology in F1 in this months Race Engine Technology magazine. Have a look at the press release below, and rush and pick your copy up, every ‘techy’ F1 fan needs to have a read of this one.

Over the last decade Grand Prix engines have attained levels of RPM never previously envisaged and have also undergone an unthinkable extension of mileage.

How did the 3.0 litre V10s, which gave way in 2006 to 2.4 litre V8s break through perceived barriers to progress?

The next issue of Race Engine Technology magazine reveals all with an in depth insight into Toyota’s Grand Prix engine development since 2002. The Toyota V10 progressed to become the most powerful of its era then the spin-off V8, still used today for Pirelli Formula One tyre testing, became state of the art for the current era.

RET has been given exclusive access to the technology of these cutting edge Grand Prix engines. This insight follows on from the exclusive profile of the Toyota Formula One V8 published in RET 49 (September/October 2010), which is still available as a back issue.

Thanks to the cooperation of Toyota’s former Formula One operation Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), issue 054 of Race Engine Technology reveals in detail the development path from 2002 explaining how RPM and mileage were increased against all odds. With all Formula One engines by regulation now frozen in specification, this is the full and exclusive story of how a state of the art contemporary Grand Prix power unit came about.

Finally followers of Formula One and all who appreciate fine engineering have access to the secrets of one of the greatest technical adventures of recent times.

To secure your copy of this historic issue of the world’s most technical motorsport magazine simply visit www.highpowermedia.com.