Lotus E22 Renders

These pictures come from the Lotus F1 Twitter account, and show yet again that the nose of the 2014 cars is going to be the talking point, at least of the first part of the season.

The ‘double nose’ design here is certainly a different way to go from the McLaren ‘nostril’ design, so we will have to see what works best. The eagle eyed amongst you will see that the render (top down) has the right/bottom strut looking larger, I think that may just be a rendering issue rather than a design feature as such, however I may be wrong? And seems I was, Scarbs has a nice write-up on it. But basics are the rules say only one ‘nose’, so one side is slightly longer so it only has one.

Oh and while we are on the subject of Twitter mentions, Nico had the following tweet out today, after a shakedown of the W05 Mercedes.